Adding money to your print account...

In order to print to lab or studio printers, you must have money in your PaperCut account.


You can check your available balance by logging into with your CalNet login or through any lab computer by double clicking on the PaperCut icon located in the Windows system tray.


There are currently two ways to add money to your PaperCut account, online or in-person.



1. Log into the PaperCut web interface at using your CalNet login.


2. Add money to your PaperCut account by clicking the Add Credit link on the sidebar.


3. Choose the amount you wish to add with the dropdown box.


4. Enter your credit card details on the next page. Be sure that your billing address matches the one registered with your financial insitution. This may not be the same as your current address.


1. Visit 477 Wurster.

2. Tell the staff on duty that you want to add money to your print account.

3. Show your student ID to the staff member and give the exact sum you want added to your account.

4. Pay with your credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express).


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