Computer Account Benefits: Scanning

Scanning services are available free to students with a computer account.

Computer Labs and Studios have photo scanners (Epson Expression 10000XL) and are available for use by all authorized users of the Labs. These are 2400 dpi, 12800 x 12800 dpi resolution, with a maximum scan area of 12.2" x 17.2". A high quality large-scale scanner is also available in the Student Technology Center and can handle documents up to 46" wide and images 42" wide. It scans at  12" per second and can take media up to 20mm thick. It has CCD technology and 1200 dpi resolution. 


Photo Scanners in Computer Labs/Studios

  • Optical Resolution: 2400 dpi
  • Maximum Resolution: 12,800 x 12,800 dpi
  • Maximum Scan Area: 12.2" x 17.2"


1. Log into the computer that is connected to the scanner. The scanner should have a sign on it that indicates which computer this is. In most cases, it is the computer closest to the scanner.

2. Run the Epson scanning application.

3. Open the scanner and place your document/image on the glass. The side you want to scan should be facing down.

4. Follow the on-screen instructions to scan your document.


Large-Scale Scanner in 477 Wurster


  • Scan images up to 42” wide and documents up to 46” wide
  • Scanning at up to 12” per second
  • Maintain high quality with CCD technology and 1200dpi high resolution scanning
  • Scan media up to 20mm thick
1. Bring the document/image you want to scan to 477 Wurster.
2. Log into the third computer, located in the corner of room.
3. Inform the staff member on duty that you want to scan using the large-scale scanner.
4. The staff member will then assist you in completing the scanning procedure.




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