My cardkey doesn't work...

Q: I have my Cal1 Card, but it is not opening anything?

Solution: Student access needs to be programmed into the C-Cure system. To do this, go to room 477 (south tower) and request access. You will need to fill out a cardkey access form (posted outside the door) and hand it to a staff member for processing. 

Q: I had access last semester, what happened? 

Answer: Access is usually granted on a semester basis and students must sign-up each semester. Exceptions: PhD and MUD students are provided year long building and room access.

Q: Why is access semester base, I am here the full year? 

Answer: The C-Cure system is a complicated campus-wide system that has certain restrictions and procedures that make it difficult for us to assign yearly access. This system is unable to account for all the access-related variables that exist at CED. We will continue to refine the access process to make it easier for all of us, but this will take time.  

Q: I had access, lost my card, now have a new one but it does not work?

Solution: Access is granted to the card not to the user. If you have gotten a new card, because it was lost or damaged, then you need to have the new card entered into the system by the staff in 477.

Q: The card is old and seems to no longer work?

Solution: Cards have a fine layer of wires embedded in them, if you bend, fold, or punch holes in the card it may be damaged and will fail to work on the door readers. Your only option is to have the card replaced by the Cal1Card office (there may be a fee) and then return to 477 Wurster to have it programmed.

Q: What happens at the door reader when you try using your card?

Solution: A defective card will not cause any change to the door reader, a good card will cause the light to change (from red to green) and the reader will beep. A good card can be programmed, a defective card will need to be replaced by the Cal1 office before it can be programmed.

Q: How long should I wait for clearance after 477? 

Answer: In most cases once the clearance is set in C-Cure your access will happen within a few minutes. However, we have observed that there are times when it may take up to 24 hours. If you have persistent problems come to 477 and let us know, we will try to help. 

Q: I need access now, why can't I have it before the others? 

Answer: Access is granted first-come-first-served. If you wait to request access until after instrcution has started for the semester, it will take longer than if you made your request during the week before instruction starts. 

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