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Refunds for Printing/Plotting Issues


Refund requests must be made within 5 days of the job - no exceptions.

Refunds must be done in person in #477 & if the print was faulty you need to bring the print job to show us the problem so that we can identify what is wrong and how to fix the problem for other users.


477 will refund mechanical errors only

  • Ink smears or smudges caused by toners

  • Paper crunched by machine on the edges or due to a mechanical jam

  • Errant lines caused by printer

  • Job did not print and was not in the queue

477 will not refund for judgment-based or user-based mistakes. These are mistakes that we have learned are due to incorrect settings that are controlled by the user.

    • Wrong color(s)
    • Image too small or too big due to incorrect sizing
    • Using too much ink and causing color laser errors and paper saturation resulting in jamming
    • Using color laser printers rather than plotters for high-ink saturated posters
    • Printed too many copies of a job
    • Wrong orientation setting or print jobs were cut off due to an orientation problem
    • A print job is torn, for whatever reason, after it has printed properly
    • Printing to a plotter and not waiting for its output, then moving to print on another plotter so that a job properly printed twice
    • Accidently printing to a printer not intended
    • There are no refunds for paper-based errors if you use non-CED paper - the only exception is with Epson printers that require you to add your own paper
    • Printing B&W on a color printer so it cost more than expected


“Refund” = moving funds back to your PaperCut print account


Continuing CED students: Any unused funds still in PaperCut at the end of the school year will automatically roll over to the following semester or following school year.


Graduating CED students: Any unused funds in PaperCut must be reclaimed by 31 May in the school year you graduate. This process must be done in person at #477 since the funds are returned to your Cal1 or Credit cards. Non-claimed PaperCut funds from students who have graduated will be donated to the CED Undergraduate Fee Waiver program to assist other students in need and to help subsidize the CED Materials Store. 


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