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Remote access to computer labs for Students


This guide shows you how to use the Citrix portal to access the CED lab computers.  Please open the attached PDF and follow the instructions.


Mac Users, Please Note

  • DO NOT add an account during the installation process.  This will cause the Citrix receiver to not function at all.
  • If your computer does not have it, please download Adobe's Flash Player (sometimes this can help).
  • When you click on either the CED-Lab214 or CED-Lab479 computers to access it, your computer may "download" a file to access it (no matter if you use Safari, Google Chrome, etc.).  You may need to click on that downloaded file, as opposed to the actual Citrix Workspace app.


Please DO NOT shut down the computers when done using the computer. Doing this will make the computer unavailable for use by you or anyone else going forward.

Remote-Computer-Lab-Access-for-Students-0921.pdf Remote-Computer-Lab-Access-for-Students-0921.pdf

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