Installing Boot Camp on you Mac laptop

This is a basic guide on how to install Windows on your Mac via Boot Camp.

What you will need before your start:

  • A Mac that has been fully backed up to an external hard drive via Time Machine, SuperDuper!, or Carbon Copy Cloner. Do not proceed without a back up. You risk losing all of your data. You have been warned.
  • A minimum of 50 gb free on your mac's internal hard drive.
  • Your computer's power supply must be plugged in to your computer.
  • A 64-bit Windows 7 or 8 disc image (in .iso format) stored on your internal hard drive. Students can follow this link to download Windows Operating Systems. Older Macs only support the installation of Windows 7.
  • A USB flash drive that is 8 gb or greater that is completely empty and format as a single FAT (MS-DOS) partition.
  • An hour of your life that you will never get back.

Installing Boot Camp:

1. Quit all running applications.

2. Insert the flash drive into a usb port

3. Lauch Applications -> Utilities -> Boot Camp Assistant

4. Follow the instructions

For additional information, please refer to this Apple Help Article.





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