Unable to log-in with CalNet ID

If you've already purchased a computer account and are having trouble logging into CED's computer labs, be sure to Synchronize your CalNet Passphrase.

"CalNet stores passphrases in two independent secure systems and attempts to keep them synchronized whenever a passphrase change is made. If, for any reason, the passphrases become different between the two systems, this application can be used to attempt re-synchronization."

This is the most common reason for log-in issues after you sign up for a computer account.

To "force" a synch between the systems:

1. Visit the CalNet synchronization page linked above.

2. Click the Synchornize Passphrase button.

3. Enter your CalNet login ID and passphrase.

4. Click the "Authenticate" button. Your passphrase should now be synchronized. Attempt to login again.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with your account and Synchronizing your CalNet Passphrase is fast and painless.

If this doesn't resolve the issue, feel free to seek further assistance at 477 Wurster.

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