How to use Zoom to capture your presentation in the labs


This guide will instruct you on how to capture your Zoom meeting using this computer.  This will include your shared screen video, audio, and chat questions that may be asked.  A comprehensive video of these instructions can be found HERE.



In order to setup your Zoom session, you first need to log into with your Calnet ID and passphrase.  A pro license should be grated to your account and you should be able to create events like this:


1)      Schedule and create Zoom meeting.

a.       Click on Meetings

b.       Click on Schedule a New Meeting

c.       Enter event details (date, time, and description) and click on the “record the meeting automatically” and “Mute participants upon entry” boxes under meeting options.

d.       Click save.

2)      Make bCal event and invite others

a.       Under Time, click the Google Calendar button.  It will redirect you to your calendar and create a meeting for you.  Invite students as needed.

3)      Record your meeting

a.       Before starting your meeting, make sure you have the headset plugged into the computer.

b.       Put the headset on your head.

c.       Join the Zoom meeting using the link in the bCal event.

d.       Give your presentation/lecture and make sure to speak into the headset so others in the meeting can hear you.

4)      Save your meeting

a.       Once your presentation/lecture is over, click on the end meeting button or close the browser.  You should be prompted to save the presentation/lecture to your computer.

b.       Save it somewhere you will find it. (We suggest the desktop)

c.       Upload your session to the class in bCourses (if available/desired).

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