iPhone and VPN

From micronet-list Sept 22, 2010

The stock VPN client on the iPhone will not work with the Campus VPN
Service, which now uses an SSL based solution.

Due to a security vulnerability in how the cisco IPsec VPN performed
authentication, campus switched to an SSL based VPN when that option
became available.

For some time, it seemed that the built in VPN client in apple's IOS
[1] would be updated to include support for cisco's SSL VPN
implementation. Both cisco and apple have talked about this, but so
far all we've seen is talk.

On Monday (!), cisco posted a version of the AnyConnect client on the
App store, and blogged about that fact on Tuesday. (rather, apple
approved the client for use, but let us leave that debate in the
various forums where it continues to thrive.) You can download the
AnyConnect client for free, but note the first comment on the
iTunes preview page for the client (see the URL above).

While the client is free, to enable access by the client requires a
specific license issued by cisco. We don't have such a license for the
campus VPN service. So you can download the client on an apple IOS 4
based device, but it won't work with the campus VPN service.

Many people have asked about VPN support on apple IOS devices. We will
ask cisco to provide the cost to obtain a license to support apple IOS
devices and ask management to fund the purchase of the license.

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