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WEB SEO (search engine optimization) Basic Info:


WEB SEO (search engine optimization) Basic Info:

As of 2015, Google is now ranking web sites that are "responsive or mobile ready" over older style sites. It is important that you consider building a responsive site as your SEO ranking can drop substantially if you do not have a current type of site.

1. After your site is "live" and ready to be crawled by the search engines:
Go to:

2. Search Engine crawlers no longer look for meta data. They now crawl for keywords and "original" content. Keep this in mind as you are writing the content for your site.

3. It will take time, depending on your SEO optimization strategy, AND how many clicks from UNIQUE visitors that come to your site for your pages to show up on searches. It can be very competitive with other sites with similar content. 

For more information on this subject see Google's Search Engine Optimization Guide.

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