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Lightroom - External Editor Not Defined


Lightroom - External Editor Not Defined

When you try to open your image with Photoshop, from Lightroom, the Photoshop option is grayed out.

Manually Choose an Editor

  1. Go to Edit-> Preferences.
  2. Select the External Editing tab.
    External Editing Tab
  3. Under Additional External Editor click the Choose button.
    Choose Button
  4. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 (64 Bit).
  5. Select Photoshop.exe and then click Open Select Photoshop
  6. In the preferences pane, click Okay.
  7. To open your image with Photoshop from Lightroom, either:
    right-click and select Edit->Edit in Photoshop.exe or
    from the main toolbar select Photo->Edit In->Edit in Photoshop.exe.
    Right Click and Select Select From Menu
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