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How do I purchase a Computer Account remotely?


If you do not already have a CED PaperCut account and want to purchase a 24/7 Computer Account, submit a CED HelpDesk ticket under the "Student Tech/477" category, stating that you need a PaperCut account to purchase a Computer Account.  The CED IT team will create a PaperCut account for you and will let you know through your HelpDesk ticket when your account has been completed.


If (or when) you have a PaperCut account, purchase your Computer Account by doing the following:

  • Connect to GlobalProtect VPN first (Instructions for downloading/installing are available here: for Mac OSX, and for Windows), then link and log in to PaperCut (using your CalNet username and password).
  • Deposit the $98 Computer Account fee into your PaperCut account.  Detailed instructions for adding funds can be found here: Adding money to your print account.
  • Submit a CED HelpDesk ticket requesting a Computer Account by stating that you have deposited the $98 fee into your PaperCut account.  Someone from our Student Tech Center team will then charge $98 against your PaperCut account and confirm that your Computer Account access is complete. 
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